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For a fairer, greener Europe
I support a Green New Deal for Europe: a plan to end austerity, reinvest in our communities, avert climate catastrophe, and secure prosperity for future generations.

In particular, I support:

– Investing 5% of GDP in green infrastructure, industry, and agriculture, creating millions of secure, sustainable and rewarding jobs.

– Financing investment through Europe’s public investment banks so as not to force families and working people to bear the burden of the ecological transition.

– Distributing the funds equitably through a public works agency that puts investment decisions in the hands of communities, municipalities, and citizen assemblies.

– Ensuring that the ecological transition is ethical and inclusive, uniting migrants, newcomers, and residents and entrenching equality for all races, genders, ages, sexualities and abilities.

– Redressing Europe’s legacy of colonialism and resource extraction across the global south.