Endorsements from around the world


Yanis Varoufakis, Founder of DiEM25 and Greek MP

“The Green New Deal for Europe will slingshot us out of this morass of under-investment, unemployment, and climate destruction and toward a future of sustainable, shared prosperity. It is an ambitious plan and a pragmatic plan: we could implement the Green New Deal for Europe tomorrow, without changing any of the existing treaties. I hope that all movements and parties will demand that the European Union acknowledge the climate emergency and initiate a Green New Deal immediately.”


Julie Ward, Labour MEP

"I was proud that my Socialist and Democratic group in the European Parliament hosted Greta Thunberg at a meeting of the Environment Committee in April 2019. She spoke to a packed room and what she had to say was uncompromising and deeply uncomfortable. How can we look young people in the eye unless we are prepared to take real action to change the way we live, produce, travel and consume? Greta and her generation will have to pay the price of years of unsustainable growth unless big business and world leaders get their act together and invest in green alternatives. I am a child rights campaigner and I have been supporting the school climate strike as it is clear to me that the number one issue for young people is the climate crisis. There has never been a more important time to listen to the next generation.”


Bart Staes, Flemish Greens

“Time to act! Our planet can’t wait. Climate change is happening now. We only have 11 years to prevent a temperature increase above 2.5 degrees Celsius. We need a transition towards another model: a Green new Deal that will transform our society into a zero-carbon reality. Action and sustainable investments are urgently needed into renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and real mobility. That will create millions of jobs. The Green New Deal is the real plan to achieve that transformation.”


Bill McKibben, Environmentalist and Journalist

“They don't call it 'global warming' for nothing—we need every nation involved in this most crucial of battles. And it's a winnable fight precisely because the real solutions don't just slow down climate change—they also allow quick progress against the inequality and insecurity that also wrack our societies. The Green New Deal is the perfect example.”


James Galbraith, Economist

“With brave new action, Europe can break the fatal cycle of austerity and dissolution, restore hope and confidence while working to save our endangered planet—and so rebuild an effective and democratic political center, immune to authoritarians of Left and Right.”


Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP

“Momentum for a Green New Deal is growing fast around the world. In the UK, I'm publishing a draft Bill that is very much in keeping both with the clear and comprehensive policy package set out in the Blueprint for a Just Transition, and with its spirit of openness and participation. Creating a Green New Deal that transforms the economy and sets us on the path to a green and fair future around the world will need the skills, capacity, potential and co-operation of every single one of us. It’s vital that we work together, within and between countries, to move the Green New Deal from policy to action.”


Clive Lewis, Labour MP

“In many ways Europe is largely responsible for both causing and countering the climate crisis. Historically the cradle of the industrial revolution that exported the extractivist economic model around the world through colonial conquest, today Europe is also the best model the world has for the kind of multilateral cooperation that any effective response to this emergency demands. Essentially, if it can't be done here, it can't be done anywhere, so there is a lot riding on us getting this right. Socialists and greens are finally waking up to the realisation that the struggle for social and economic justice is so bound up with the struggle for environmental justice that we can't win anything without winning everything. So let's get on with it—there's a world to win!”